Introducing Endeavors, a New Way to Acquire Crown Crate items for Beginners

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Now they promise to add even more to do daily. Doesn’t sound that good if your playtime is short and just want to do some questing or PVP.

Crown Crates are bundles available in the Crown Store, comprising four or five randomly selected collectibles and utility items from a specific pool. To open a Crown Crate, players can access the Crown Crate UI (default key: F3), summoning Pacrooti. Upon opening a Crate, Pacrooti presents four cards (or occasionally five), each representing a potential reward that can be revealed. It's worth noting that "Preview Crates" offer three rewards instead. The potential rewards are drawn from a seasonal pool, with these reward pools cycling on a quarterly basis.

ESO Endeavors will be added to Elder Scrolls Online as part of Update 30, in Mid-June. Endeavors is a system that’s part of the free update for all players and consists of weekly and daily quests. You do not need to own the Blackwood chapter to use the ESO Endeavors system. These quests will reward you with exp and gold, as well as a new currency. Let’s break it down. A true player friendly feature or just dodging regulations?

Elder Scrolls Online is a huge game. With all its updates, chapters, and huge PVP map, there is always something to do. Each chapter brings new dailies to complete on top of the old dailies, crafting dailies, and PVP dailies. Furthermore, if you have an alt you probably still need to train their mount and research some traits. Daily dungeons to run and a daily reward to claim.

Now they promise to add even more to do daily. Doesn’t sound that good if your playtime is short and just want to do some questing or PVP. If you want everything done right it becomes a chore.

The Endeavors system on the other hand promises to be simple. The daily and weekly quests are automatically added to the Activity Finder menu, no need to pick them up at a capital. And most of them won’t be that hard to complete outside of your normal play style.

There is a limit to the amount of daily and weekly Endeavors you can complete. You can pick and choose the ones that are easiest for your play style. Once you complete your daily or weekly cap, the rest is locked and changes out at the end of the day/week.

Completion is automatic, rewards are received automatically and you get a simple notification when you complete one. Rewards range from gold to EXP and the new currency.

Seals of Endeavor

Endeavors reward you with a new currency called Seals of Endeavor. The amount is somewhat random and weekly endeavors give you considerably more than daily endeavors. Sometimes endeavors also gives you an extra reward, such as gold, transmute crystals or experience. Endeavors are account wide meaning you cannot relog to another character to do them again, like you can with Daily Quests. They can be accessed from the Crown Store menu.

With these seals you can purchase from the Seals of Endeavor section of the ESO Crown store.

Here, you can find items that are currently available in the Crown Crates.

When the available Crown Crates change, so too do the wares found here. In order to find the Seals of Endeavor section, open the Crown Store and choose in the upper right hand corner the second symbol from the left.

Purchasing Crown Crate Rewards don’t work any differently from purchasing anything else in the Crown Store.

Any Crown Crate items acquired with Seals of Endeavor cannot be converted into Crown Gems.

Endeavors - Tips

Most of the Endeavor tasks are straight up, but it can be a bit time consuming to randomly find treasure chests or other things that are very specific.Here is list of tips to help with Endeavors.

If you need to find a particular harvest node, crafting surveys count to the progress. Crafting surveys are obtainable by doing Daily Crafting Writs.

If you are asked to craft a specific item-type (not item-set), the Daily Crafting Writs count towards the progress, also across characters as Endeavors are account-wide.

Dolmen and Deadlands chests count towards the Treasure Chest task.

The unlocking chest part is easiest done in a heist quest. That way you can get a bounty-free unlocking.

Black Sacrament quests are ideal for pickpocketing or murdering people.

Boats at the Daggerfall docks are great places for stealing items, as there are no NPCs to witness the deed. They usually don't contain items of blue quality or higher.

If you have to kill a specific type of enemy, normal instances are usually a good place to look for these.

Arx Corinium (Dungeon) is a good source for reptiles.

If you need to kill "Bestial Daedra", Banished Cells I is a good place as there's a few directly at the start.

Halls of Fabrication (especially the beginning) is a good place for instanced clockwork-type monsters

"Giant" type monsters are: Ogres, Minotaurs and Flame Behemots. Trolls do not count as "Giants".

City of Ash II houses a lot of fights with "Beasts" in the first part.

Skyreach Catacombs is a good place to go for ghosts.

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