ESO Beginner Guide | Fastest ways to level up in Elder Scrolls Online

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Power leveling creates bad players. The assumption in ESO is that it’s the same as every other MMORPG where your level really makes a difference

Are you trying to get your character's level up in ESO? Unlike previous games, your level is not determined by the number of skill increases but instead by the amount of experience gained overall. If you're among those who seek a faster way to reach max level in ESO, here's a brief yet comprehensive comparison of the best options to level up fast: speed questing, mob grinding, and our power leveling boost.You also can getting some Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold to help you enjoy the game

Power Leveling is Bad

Power leveling creates bad players. The assumption in ESO is that it’s the same as every other MMORPG where your level really makes a difference. In ESO, it does not. What makes a difference is your ability to pay attention to the game’s mechanics. Learning to block, interrupt, light attack, heavy attack, and dodge roll – all that stuff you learned in the tutorial – are going to be with you for the rest of the game.


I've put this higher on my list because the quest lines, the characters, and the voice acting in ESO is still some of the best you can find in any RPG currently on the market in my opinion, especially when you consider how huge this game is and all the DLC and chapter content that we now have access to after 6 full years.

Every quest in ESO does give you a good chunk of XP for completing it, but keep in mind that some quests actually give you more experience than others. Short basic quests like “Gather 5 Ingredients or Kill 10 Wolves tend to give the least amount of experience, while longer, more elaborate quests tend to give the most experience. This includes the main base game story line, the DLC's and Chapter quests (ie. Greymoor, Summerset, Morrowind) and the main ques tlines for each of the 3 faction alliances. Not only that, but these main quests also usually give you set items and a free skill point, so I recommend you complete as many of these as possible.


This one usually includes no questing. At least in its pure form. The idea is to find a spawning spot and destroy everything that moves there. The easiest choices for beginners are Greenshade, Alik'r Desert, Coldharbour, and Rkindaleft – there you should just find a suitable zombie spot and do the grinding. Since zones' difficulty scale with your character's level, you can easily grind mobs all the way to the cap level.

However, to make this method more effective, it is recommended to get a training set with the right stats for your character. That's necessary to keep good stats without having to quest for gear or to buy it somewhere. Thus you'll save lots of time and speed up the process.

Weapon Skills

There are no class restrictions to weapon styles and armor style in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is not linear like many other MMORPGs out there. This is a completely different design. Any class and any race can play any role. There are millions of choices as to how you make your build down to the smallest possible variable.

Since I’m equipped with a two-handed weapon, I only need to kill something like this deer to unlock the two-handed skill line. With this new weapon skill line unlocked, I will now earn experience points that will level this skill line just by holding it. If I slot a skill from this skill line, the experience points I receive from it will increase.

Daily Group Rewards

You can only do a few of these per day, but the experience gained when you complete them is amazing. Under the Activity Finder, you can do the random group finder, which will put you in a random group dungeon, or on the PvP side of things, you can also queue for the random battleground.

For the random group dungeon, you must complete the entire dungeon to get the reward. Depending on your group, this can take 10-20 minutes, but it's well worth it. As soon as you complete the dungeon, you'll see that massive experience boosts come in. Depending on how many experience bonuses you have active on your character, you can gain up to two or three levels at a time from this activity. Plus, you'll get the extra experience and the skill point from the dungeon quest if this is a brand new dungeon for your character.

PvP battleground has a similar XP bonus, and you don't even have to win the battleground match to get it. All you need for your team is to place at least second, and you will get the same random reward experience. If you don't get the first time, keep trying. I leveled up from both of these random group events. Therefore, make sure you complete both once a day for a fantastic way to level up quickly in ESO.

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