Best Beginner Class Guide For ESO - What is The Best Calss in ESO

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Moving on from healing, another thing that's amazing on the Dragonknight is their damage. Specifically, DKs have some of the most powerful damage over time (DOT) skills in the game.

The three recommended classes are Templar, Warden, and Dragonknight because these are more forgiving and less punishing than the other classes, such as Nightblade and Sorcerer. If you are starting a new character and want to get ESO Gold fast in ESO, then IGMeet's professional service allows you to become rich and catch up with veterans in no time.

How To Know Which Class You Should Start With?

As we already mentioned, picking a class before starting a game is pretty hard, especially if this is the first time you are playing this kind of game. You need to read bio’s, potential builds, and characters’ skill kits but most importantly, you need to think about what would you like to do in the game. This last question is the first one you should answer for yourself. If you like to help your teammates, take a sorcerer that heals and provides utility spells for your teammates. Do you like going insane and charging through the enemies and yelling “chargeeeee”? Pick a tanky character.

When you answer that question, definitely go and check out YouTube videos or articles (like this one) and perspectives of players who were also in your place before starting playing ESO. When you realize your preferences, you managed to solve 90 percent of your dilemmas. After that, definitely read up on your own about the classes and you are ready to start.

The Dragonknight Class

The Dragonknight class is ESO’s version of a Berserker or Warrior archetype and while they have seen some recent nerfs, particularly in sustain, they are still extremely powerful, and very versatile, being able to step into most roles easily in both PVE and PVP content and beyond that they are just a lot of fun to play. So if you want a brawler, in your face playstyle that mimics the powerful attacks, buffs and debuffs of dragons in The Elder Scrolls Online then this is the perfect class for you.

Dragonknight Overview

First, let’s dive into a few Dragonknight skills and show you exactly why this class is so great for beginners. Now healing is one of the best aspects of the Dragonknight class in my opinion and a great compliment to any style of build you want to play in both PVE and PVP content. For this, you'll want to unlock the Ardent Flame skill called Burning Embers as soon as possible. This skill provides a fantastic heal overtime effect while also doing damage over time. In fact, the more damage this skill does the more healing you get back which means it grows with you. Later on you can also invest in the Inferno skill from this same skill line and morph it to Cauterize which is another powerful self and group heal. Early on you'll also want to unlock the Coagulating Blood morph from the Draconic Power skill line as this can also provide a clutch burst heal which is important to have especially if you are playing solo without a healer in either PVP or PVE. This skill actually heals you for more based on your missing health which makes it even better as an emergency heal.

Moving on from healing, another thing that's amazing on the Dragonknight is their damage. Specifically, DKs have some of the most powerful damage over time (DOT) skills in the game. We already mentioned Burning Embers previously which is a massive single target DOT combined with that passive healing but you'll also want to pick up a morph of the Fiery Breath skill next for an AOE damage over time. My preference here is usually to pick up the Noxious Breath morph. This option provides the Major Breach debuff which makes enemies take more damage from your attacks and since I usually play solo this is going to be important to increase my overall DPS.

Dragonknights also have powerful and unique ultimates, and you're going to want to start unlocking all 3 of these as soon as possible. For PVE players definitely go with Standard Of Might first as this is gives a big boost to your overall damage and damage reduction. For PVP players I recommend going with the either morph of the Dragon Leap ultimate for a brutal gap closer combined with big damage and a stun which is great for setting up kill combos on your enemies. Finally, Corrosive Armor is a favorite choice for getting more defensive while also doing increased damage in more mobile situations compared to standard of might.


The Templar is one of the easiest classes to play in The Elder Scrolls Online making it the perfect choice for beginners and Solo players.

Magicka Templar

The Magicka Templar class is one of my all-time favorite builds for Solo play in ESO, with a great mix of offense, defense and sustain. For offensive capability, Magicka Templar has arguably the best spammable in the game in Puncturing Sweep and the best execute ability in Radiant Glory. Both of these skills do damage AND heal you at the same time, making survival a breeze! Combined with this, Magicka Templar has great defense and sustain thanks to Channeled Focus and additional passive healing through Purifying Light if needed. Finally, Magicka Templar has a great defensive ultimate ability that reduces all enemies outgoing damage in Solar Disturbance.

Stamina Templar

The Stamina Templar is a strong Melee class with access to great utility and many of the same powerful heals as the Magicka Templar while also being able to focus on weapons like Dual Wield and Two-Hander. For example, Stamplars can get easy healing through the Extended Ritual skill or Living Dark. They also have great sustain and defense provided through Restoring Focus, and even more potential sustain through Repentance. Of course, Biting Jabs is one of the best stamina spammable skills in the game, providing great single target and AOE damage along with important buffs like Major Brutality and Minor Protection.


After that, we have a Sorcerer. This one is the opposite of Dragonknight. Like in most games, Sorcerers are usually used for dealing high amounts of damage or giving support to their teammates. They can summon animals.

They also have three specific skills you can choose:

Daedric Summoning – this skill provides damage per second and crowd control. Sorcerers damage, interrupt and stun enemies with their pets.

Dark Magic – if you go this build path, you will get a support type of character, this character removes enemies’ effects and provides ally health and magicka, buffs that enhance teammate’s skills. It can also stun and knock out enemies.

Storm Calling – this is a damage per second line with the area of effects skills.

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